Olivia Kirkland had a body made for sin and Ivan had known that she was going to be trouble ever since she’d started to bloom before his very eyes years before.

Her father, Martin Kirkland, had been like a father figure to Ivan ever since his parents were killed when he was sixteen. Now that he was home from his latest Marine mission, the last thing he wanted to do was jeopardize the one thing that meant anything to him apart from his life as a Marine-his family. Yes, Olivia was practically his family, and he could never think of anything more happening between them.

But Olivia had other ideas. She’d been in love with Ivan ever since she knew what the word meant. And even if it meant seducing him, she was going to find a way to make her every desire come to life in his arms.

Warning: This 28,100 word story contains sizzling hot romance between a young black woman and a steamy hot Marine. Some scenes may be too hot to handle!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Pour yourself a big glass of ice water before you read Chapter 7. You’ll need it! Just saying…