Pick your pleasure! Bad boy bikers, race car drivers, billionaires or marines? Why should you have to choose only one when you can have ten?

The Tough & Tender boxed set now includes all books in the bestselling STEEL INFIDELS series including the latest book, THUNDERCLAP! Looking for the MARINE HAWK MALONE? Find him in Claimed by the Marine, Book #8. JORDAN? Find him in Gents 4 Ladies, Book #6!

Contained inside this box set:

  1. Safe House (Steel Infidels Series Book 1) (Flint Mason)
  2. Liberated (Steel Infidels Series Book 2) (Flint Mason)
  3. Steel Justice (Steel Infidels Series Book 3) (Jesse Mason)
  4. Thunderclap (Steel Infidels Series Book 4) (Sam Mason)
  5. Skin Deep (Stock car racing champion Shane Davis)
  6. Gents 4 Ladies (JORDAN)
  7. Trapped Into Marriage (Billionaire Nick Vitale)
  8. Claimed by the Marine (Hawk Malone)
  9. Captured by the Bodyguard (Cane Hutchinson)
  10. Burned by Passion (Billionaire Blake Carter)
  11. Forbidden Love with the Marine (Ivan)