Call Me Sugar

He’s gorgeous, muscled, inked to infinity and absolutely wrong.
“Trust me, I’m a magician,” he says. Famous last words…

So what if he’s got magic hands and a big wand?
I’m sure he can make a dress disappear into thin air too.
Look, I’m not trusting a man who dropped a live snake in my palm.
Falling for a blue-eyed hunk with messy, blond hair isn’t in the cards.
Not for a numbers nerd like me who came to Vegas on a mission: Get in, make money fast, and get out.
Sugar’s a sinful distraction. He’s not putting me under his spell.
Don’t remind me this place is the devil’s playground.
I only messed up once with one little kiss.
I’ll vanish before his next kiss says stay…

Call Me Sugar is a wickedly sinful billionaire romance standalone with no cheating and a steamy HEA that will leave you begging for more.

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