One More Summer

We lived the best country music song I ever wrote.

I still see Annie every time I close my eyes.
Her bare feet up on the dashboard of my truck.
Laughing at my jokes.
Sharing a beer when we weren’t old enough to drink.
Way back then, we thought our summers would be endless.
We spent our nights pulling passion from the stars.
We loved so hard forever was a given.
Then I left to chase music fame in Nashville.
Never dreaming I’d lose her along the way.
Now I’m back in town.
She might be older, but she hasn’t changed.
Same sweet beauty with eyes like heaven.
Same whirlwind who makes me throb.
Same woman I hate myself for losing once.
This time, I won’t leave without her.
All I want is one more summer with Annie.
I’ll do anything to bring our music back.

One More Summer is a full-length stand alone romance novel with a HEA, no cheating or cliffhangers!

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